Welcome to the SEWNTP Wiki!

We are a professional network where Consortium members can connect and share resources.

Beginning in August of 2013, the wiki platform took the place of the Ning platform that we have used in the past. After much thought and research, we think this will be a better space for what we want to do.

SEWNTP Wiki Layout

This Wikispace (http://sewntp.wikispaces.com/) is our Wiki 'hub'- from here you can navigate to all of the consortium Wikis. Here is some of what you can expect to find:
  • General Consortium information
  • Links to all of the offering-specific wiki pages

Use the page navigation on the left side of your screen to travel between the different content areas. If you have any questions about the Wiki itself, or information displayed here, contact us at sewntp@stritch.edu.

We Look forward to seeing you soon!

- SEWNTP Leadership Team

SEWNTP: Transforming Education- One New Teacher at a Time